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Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy

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Spiritual Life


At HCA, we believe the most important thing we offer is the opportunity for spiritual growth and development.

Through our weekly chapel services, students are led by their peers in a time of worship, and then taught the Word of God by leadership at our school or by leaders in our community.

We also have bi-monthly discipleship groups (D-groups) where students are placed into small groups led by an HCA staff member. During this time, the focus is to engage, pray, and build. They engage with one another by studying Scripture, praying together, and building relationships with staff and other students. We do not want a student to leave HCA without having heard about the redemptive work of Christ and how He can transform their lives.

Chapels and Discipleship Groups are a defining element of Student Life at HCA.

This is where spiritual growth happens – TOGETHER.




Equipping Minds

Daniel Torres
HCA Class of 2022

Transforming Hearts

Lee Glover
HCA Drama Teacher

Impacting Culture

Dr. Brad Christensen
HCA Director of STEM





Hebron Christian Academy offers weekly chapel services to encourage a daily relationship with Christ and to draw students closer to the heart of God. Each chapel service is created to awaken students through lively worship music, to focus students through a time of prayer, and to fill students through relevant messages founded on the Word of Christ. The chapel worship band is organized and led by students. With the help of an advisor, these students navigate the creatively challenging opportunity to bring their peers to the feet of Jesus. Through music and prayer, these students embody Christian discipleship and challenge their classmates to do the same.

Discipleship groups

Hebron Christian Academy Discipleship Groups are small “family groups” of 8 to 15 students within each middle and high school grade level who meet bi-monthly with a faculty/staff mentor. Groups are guided through discussions on faith, life, and everything in between. Discipleship Groups unpack the messages from chapel, discussing all that God is doing in their lives and learning more about the person of Jesus – together.