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Middle and High School Student Clubs


Beta Club - Ms. Brooks Sponsor

The National Beta Club is an academic service organization eligible to 10th-12th graders who have maintained a 3.0 GPA and have a strong desire to serve. Through planning and implementing service projects, the Beta Club prepares students to be future leaders while promoting a strong sense of social responsibility. Beta members meet monthly and participate in the various service opportunities that they arrange

Book Club - Mrs. Warbington, Sponsor

Someone once said that "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body." We all know the value of physical exercise, but did you know that research is showing that the best predictor of achievement and life success is reading? Our Middle School Book Club meets once a week and is for anyone who has an appetite for adventure, suspense, friendship, conflict, and mystery. If you love to read already, or simply want to cultivate a habit of reading, then you are welcome to join us!

Chess Club - Mrs. Stinespring, Sponsor

The goal of HCA Middle School Chess Club is to provide a forum for recreational chess in 6th-8th grades. The Chess Club allows students to develop and improve their skills in the game of chess. The Chess Club meets after school every other Tuesday from 3:00 - 4:00. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join.

DIY Club - Miss Brown and Mrs. Heard, Sponsors

The Do It Yourself club is available to all Upper School students and meets twice a month. Their first project of the month is designed to help the local community, charity, or people-in-need. Their second project is created for the student to take home and enjoy. An example of one of the DIY projects created for others this year was much-needed fleece blankets for HCA's Clinic.

Greek Mythology Club - Mrs. Olimpi, Sponsor

Greek Mythology Club meets on Wednesday afternoons in Mrs. Olimp's room from 3:00 to about 3:45. This club is student-run, and the student leaders typically organize mythology-based games and activities to share with anyone who is interested in learning about (or showing off their knowledge of) Greek mythology.

Hebron Future Educators - Mrs. Sutton, Sponsor

Hebron Future Educators is a campus organization for those 9th-12th grade students who are planning to enter the field of education in the future. The club meets monthly during lunch in Mrs. Sutton's room and discusses a variety of topics that would be interesting for those exploring the career option of teaching. They learn characteristics of good teachers and debate topics such as truth in grading and the emotional health of students. They also explore the professional benefits, salaries, and preparation. There are no dues.

Middle School Student Council - Ms. Higgins, Sponsor

The Middle School Student Council is a group of twelve young people from grades 6-8 who meet weekly to discuss ideas and ways to help improve student relations and the overall environment of the school. They have been successful in fundraising and helping to attain a grant from Firehouse Subs for a defibrillator for the new Middle School building.

Mu Alpha Theta - Mrs. Sutton, Sponsor

Mu Alpha Theta is a campus organization for those 11th and 12th grade students who have performed well and have an interest in mathematics. It is a national organization, based in Oklahoma. The yearly dues are $25.00. The local chapter meets once a month on Friday mornings in Mrs. Sutton's room. To qualify, a student must have a 3.5 average in their math classes for grades 9-12. Students who fulfill the club's requirements wear a Mu Alpha Theta medallion on their graduation robe. Meetings are devoted to problem solving!

National Art Honor Society - Mrs. Rice, Sponsor

The National Art Honor Society is an organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in the visual arts, and who set high standards in their school community for the arts.

In 1978, the National Art Education Association began the National Art Honor Society program to inspire and recognize students who have shown an excellent ability and interest in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. The NAHS pledge states, “I will in my life, to the best of my ability, through my talents in art, help to create a more beautiful world for myself, for humankind, and for all living things.” This is our goal through NAHS at HCA.

National Honor Society - Mrs. Mitchell, Sponsor

National Honor Society recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in scholarships, service, and leadership. It is for 11th and 12th graders who have maintained a 3.7 GPA and demonstrate excellence in service and leadership. Yearly service opportunities have included Sole Hope, Operation Christmas Child, and Relay for Life, as well as serving our HCA campus.

National Junior Honor Society - Mrs. Minch, Sponsor

National Junior Honor Society is for 9th and 10th graders who have maintained a 3.7 GPA and have demonstrated excellence in scholarships, service, and leadership. In the past, our NJHS has touched many lives by serving with Streetwise, Operation Christmas Child, Auburn Mobile Home Park Ministry, and our HCA campus.

Paper Craft Club - Ms. Brooks, Sponsor

The Paper Craft Club is a fun, relaxing club that encourages creativity and promotes smiles. Examples of craft projects are seasonal cards, gift boxes, ornaments, and scrapbooking pages. The Paper Craft Club is open to all Upper School girls.

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl provides an opportunity for students to compete in academic bowls throughout Gwinnett and surrounding counties. At the varsity level, it is a slightly more intellectually rigorous team that challenges students’ knowledge in a variety of academic subjects. They can compete for state and national title as well as earn a varsity letter. Students at each level practice weekly. Quiz Bowl is trivia at its best!

Rocket Club - Mr. Newell, Sponsor

The Rocket Club is for middle school students interested in learning about the fun and excitement involved with model rocketry. Club members will gain experience building and flying their own model rockets. Club members will gain basic engineering and math skills as they have fun together constructing and flying their own model rockets. Some construction supplies are provided; however, club members will be responsible for purchasing their own model rocket kits.

STEM Club - Mrs. Brannen, Sponsor

STEM Club offer students a place to meet and share their interests and passions in STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with other high school students in creative ways outside of the classroom. It meets monthly, but also offers stimulating afternoon activities periodically in each of these topics.

Student Outreach - Mrs. Heiden, High School Sponsor

Outreach is a missions-based club dedicated to serving the student body of HCA as well as the surrounding community. With its motto, “Serving God through Loving Others,” Outreach strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus by letting people know that they are loved and valued by God and others. Outreach cherishes hands-on serving through welcoming new students and encouraging and praying for ill and injured students and anyone in need. Whether it is a small goody bag on someone’s birthday or a large donation or gift basket, the Outreach Team believes no matter the gravity of the situation, everyone deserves to know that they matter to God and matter to us.

Writer's Guild - Mrs. Olimpi, Sponsor

Writers’ Guild is a student-run club that currently meets during lunch every other Tuesday. In this club, student leaders develop writing prompts, and club members write original, creative stories and poems, which they then share at each meeting. Occasionally, this club holds writing competitions for short stories and poems. Members do not have to write for every prompt, but are still invited to attend meetings, even if they only come to enjoy hearing the stories that their peers have written.

Elementary School Student Clubs


All Pro Dads

Dads and students meet six times a year for breakfast and devotions. This group is dedicated to strengthening father and children relationships.

Math Enrichment Club

Our goal in Math Enrichment Club is to increase motivational skills, build upon mathematical foundations and life-long problem-solving strategies, and increase confidence while being a positive social outlet. In these hands-on cooperative groups, students will be challenged in a game-like format.

Skills addressed in the Math Enrichment Club will include focusing, visualizing, thinking ahead, weighing options, analyzing concretely, thinking abstractly, planning, and juggling multiple considerations simultaneously.

Running Club

Running club is a teacher lead activity for 3rd-5th graders. They meet once a week and incorporate Christian principles into running. The goal is to help runners of all skill levels become better runners.


“Stay After School and Serve” Community Service Opportunities are given to our students throughout the school year.
HCA provides a Christ-centered learning community that challenges students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.
Providing a Christ-centered learning community that challenges all students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.