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Hebron Christian Academy
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Hebron Christian Academy

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Lower School Arts



Our Lower School students attend music class as a special once a week. Throughout their Lower School years, students will explore a variety of instruments, sing songs of many different styles, and study various composers. Students will learn how to read music from our hymn books and study song forms through movement. There is a great emphasis on music vocabulary related to naming notes, learning rhythms, and recognizing time signatures as well as key signatures. All students will expand their relationship with Christ through learning worship songs in preparation for our bi-weekly chapel services.

Besides our annual Veteran's Day, Grandparents Day, and Christmas Concerts, HCA also offers many other opportunities for your child to further their love of music. We offer an after-school chorus called the Lion Singers, which meets every Tuesday from September through May. We also perform a Lower School musical every spring for 3rd through 5th grade students.

For more information about our band program, please contact Ruth Mullen.



Our Lower School students in grades K4 through fifth grade attend art class as a special once a week. A wide variety of media is introduced such as watercolor paint, tempera paint, neon oil pastels, gelato sticks, model magic clay, mixed media, collage, printmaking, drawing pencils, metallic markers, yarn, and more! There is a focus on modeling and practicing valuable artistic skills to help students with presentations, sketching, organization, and displays in their other classes. Students explore famous artistic works and artists to help them understand the courage it takes to express oneself in a unique way. Our students love to help create art for our various programs. They have created banners for Grandparents Day, cards for Veteran's Day, posters for Patriot Day, art to display on holidays, and more! Learning how they can use art to foster our community is so important. 

Most importantly, the students learn about God as the ultimate Creator. His artistic power is clearly seen in His creation of us as individuals and in the beauty of the world. We are His masterpieces and we can confidently live in that knowledge and grow as artists ourselves. We can also worship Him when we use our skills and talents to create art that brings Him glory. In light of this, all Lower School students create a collaborative art display every year that encompasses our spiritual theme for the school year. Our hope is that these displays remind students how God moved in their lives that particular school year. An annual art show is held to celebrate the creativity and perseverance of every student in art class. 

For more information about our band program, please contact Melissa Johnston.