Fine Arts


Elementary Music

Our elementary students come to Music class once a week. Throughout their elementary years they will explore a variety of instruments, sing songs of many different styles, and study various composers. Students will learn how to read music from our hymn books and study song forms through movement. There will be a great emphasis on music vocabulary related to naming notes, learning rhythms, and recognizing time signatures as well as key signatures.
Besides our Annual Veterans/Grandparents Day and Christmas Concerts, HCA also offers many other opportunities for your child to further his love of music. We offer private guitar and piano lessons through our Music Conservatory; we have an after-school chorus called the Lion Singers; and, we perform a Lower School musical every Spring.
Our Fine Arts Conservatory offers Piano, Guitar and Art Lessons as well as Lion Singers Chorus. Early registration begins in May and regular registration begins in August for that school year.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Conservatory instructors at the emails listed below:
Liz Myers – Guitar Lessons
Susan Rihner – Piano Lessons
Gwyn Bacon – Piano Lessons
Ruth Mullen – Director of the Elementary Musical, Lion Singers, Art Lessons and Elementary Music Teacher
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