Homeschool Partnership

We are excited to support and encourage our homeschool community. Hebron Christian Academy is dedicated to helping parents fulfill their God-given mandate to train their children for life, recognizing that parents may choose to customize their child’s education. Also, HCA desires that all students, full and part time, have every opportunity to be a part of the school culture. For this reason, HCA encourages homeschool students to participate in school activities.

Homeschool students who are accepted into HCA will have the opportunity to take high school courses for credit.  Classes will be offered to any homeschool student who has a school record or transcript that indicates that the student has met the prerequisites for the desired course.  A homeschool student may take a maximum of three (3) classes per academic year.

Partnership Details

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  • Classes à la carte

    We offer classes as a supplement to what is offered at home. Students may take up to three (3) classes individually. Part time students are welcome to enroll for any “elective” classes such as music, art, computer exploration, dance, etc.
  • Course Availability

    Priority scheduling is given to full-time students, and seat availability will determine what courses are available to students in the Homeschool Partnership Program.
    • Part-time students can enroll in 1-3 classes (3 maximum)
    • HCA reserves the right to determine eligibility for a class based on the age of a student
    • Admission into some classes is based on admission testing
    • HCA reserves the right to deny participation in any course based on course enrollment
  • Expectations

    Any student who is a participant in the HCA Homeschool Partnership Program must adhere to the policies and procedures in the HCA Upper School Handbook.
    • Any part time student who is taking multiple courses and has a period or more between classes will be scheduled into a study hall in the Media Center while waiting for the next class
    • Student must leave campus when his/she is done with classes
    • All students will be supervised while on the HCA campus
    • HCA Homeschool Partnership students will wear the approved school uniform and apparel
  • Plays, Musicals, and Performance-related Opportunities

    HCA has earned the reputation for excellence in Fine Arts programming. Our annual play and musical are the most popular activities of the year. With positions for actors, actresses, stagehands, set design, costuming, videography, photography, technical crew, and others, there is plenty of opportunity for students who wants to participate. In addition, we have choir, dance, and band (performance and marching) all of which are available to part time students (some of these opportunities will be indicative of a successful tryout).
  • Additional Benefits and Opportunities

    Students who are enrolled at HCA via the Homeschool Partnership will have the opportunity to participate in or receive the following benefits (some of these may have associated fees):

    • Mission Trips
    • Homecoming Activities (part-time students are not eligible for homecoming court)
    • Prom (part-time students are not eligible for prom king or queen)
    • Clubs
    • Music Conservatory (fee based)
    • Sideline Cheer
    • Class Field Trips
    • School pictures
    • Student ID
    • HCA transcript for credits earned
    • Standardized testing as offered by HCA
  • Technology

    HCA strongly encourages all part-time students to rent an HCA-issued device to ensure that all course materials are available and accessible. HCA services all school-owned and issued Microsoft Surface Pros. There is a $250 annual fee for the use of a Surface Pro. A part-time student may opt out of our Surface rental program, but he/she must bring a personal device that has internet capability and access to the most current Microsoft Office products. Our technology staff will not service personal devices due to liability reasons.
    • Each student will be issued an HCA student email address
    • Each student will follow our technology policy and procedures and technology agreement for school-issued or personal devices
  • Graduation (associated fees)

    Homeschool students who complete a minimum of eight (8) courses at HCA and have been a part of the school culture are invited to participate in our graduation ceremony. Diplomas for homeschool students are not issued by HCA and part-time students are not eligible for senior awards, salutatorian, or valedictorian.
  • Georgia High School Association

    GHSA permits only full-time students to participate in GHSA events. Therefore, homeschool partnership students are not eligible to participate in any event sponsored by GHSA. This includes our all our athletics teams and some of our fine arts programming.

Admissions Information

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  • How do I apply?

    • Click on the Apply Now button to begin an application. Be sure to choose the Homeschool Student Application.
    • Complete the application process (Application Fee $75)
    • Complete Placement Testing
    • Interview with upper school principal
    • Upon acceptance, student and parent will meet with the academic advisor to determine class schedule
    • Classes assigned upon availability
    • Must meet any class prerequisites
    • Students currently enrolled in the full-time program at HCA may not enroll as a home-school partner
  • Tuition and Fees

    • $800 per academic course for a full year or $400 per course for a semester (History, English, Bible, Math, Science, Foreign Language)
    • Lab Fee ($50)
    • $500 for electives (e.g. dance, band, choir, photography, etc.)
    • $250 technology fee (optional)
    • $50 for yearbook (optional)
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