Continuous Enrollment

Admissions Dates

February 1 Changes to payment plans and opt-out period begins. Runs through the end of day February 28
February 1 Open Enrollment for all New Students
February 1 Financial aid applications due for returning families 
February 15 PreK and K first-round admission interviews to begin with decisions to follow

Frequently Asked Questions

HCA provides a Christ-centered learning community that challenges students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.

  • Why Does Re-Enrollment Matter?

    Hebron Christian Academy leadership does a lot of planning to ensure that we’re prepared to fulfill our mission every year. Until HCA families “sign on the line” that they’re coming back each year, we can’t make solid plans for staffing, programs, materials, curriculum, and facility usage. We take the stewardship of tuition dollars entrusted to us every year very seriously. We want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so that we can provide the best education possible for our students.
  • What is the Continuous Enrollment fee?

    The Continuous Enrollment Fee (which is replacing the enrollment fee) is technically our “seat holder/placement fee”. This payment is collected to assist the HCA administration in effectively preparing our budgeting and staffing needs. The fee is rolled each year into the payment plan the family selects.
  • Are there still other forms (health forms, transportation forms, after-school program form, etc.) that need to be completed each year?

    Yes, but these will be made available to parents in the HCA Hub. These forms, while still required, will no longer be associated with the February re-enrollment activities.
  • How are parent notified of the tuition rate for the next school year?

    Each year, parents will be notified via email and the website of the next year’s tuition and fees.
  • What happens if a family needs to change their payment plan?

    Once the family signs the Continuous Enrollment Contract and identifies their HCA tuition payment plan, the same payment plan will be used in subsequent years unless they notify the Business Office. Families will have the opportunity to make these changes between February 1st – February 28th each year without incurring a billing change fee. Payment plan change requests made after March 1st will incur a $25 billing change fee.
  • What if a family is applying for tuition assistance and don’t know the award before the withdrawal deadline?

    The family will still complete their Financial Aid application each year. Once their tuition assistance award is finalized, if they do not feel the award is sufficient in order to make HCA a possibility for their family, they will be given an opportunity to withdraw without penalty. Financial Aid applications will be accepted starting in December. It is helpful for you to begin the process early.
  • What if we decide we no longer want to be enrolled at Hebron?

    Each year, parents will have an opt-out period between February 1 and February 28. If you decide you don’t want your child to remain enrolled for the next school year, you simply notify us by completing the intent to not return form during the opt-out period.
  • What is the penalty if I break this contract?

    HCA families that do not submit their intent to not return form by February 28th will be considered re-enrolled. If you submit your intent to not return between March 1st and June 1st, the tuition liability will be equal 10% of the annual tuition for that student. If the student is withdrawn after June 1st, the tuition liability will be equivalent to 25% of the annual tuition for that student. If the student withdraws after the first day of school, you will be contractually obligated to pay 50% of the annual tuition and the re-enrollment fee. If a student is withdrawn at any time during the second semester, the tuition liability will be equivalent to 100% of the annual tuition for that student plus the enrollment fee.
    The above policy covers all normal reasons for student withdrawal, including, but not limited to, the following: a. Simple requests by parent(s)/guardian(s) to withdraw student b. Student withdrawal when determined it is in the best interest of the school and family c. Student on behavioral probation d. Student on academic probation e. Student withdrawal in lieu of expulsion f. Student expulsion

Need More Information?

If you have any additional questions about how continuous enrollment works – or how it will impact your family in the year or years ahead - please contact the Director of Admission and Marketing, Rebecca Reinhardt.
Again, we are excited about continuous enrollment and look forward to all the ways it will simplify the process for keeping your children enrolled at Hebron. We know you have many school options to consider, and we are honored that you continue to choose Hebron Christian Academy!
Rebecca Reinhardt
Director of Admissions and Marketing
770/963-9250 ext. 2230
HCA provides a Christ-centered learning community that challenges students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.