Upper School

The goal of our academic program is to assist students with the development of the intellectual talents with which God has blessed them. We recognize our students span a wide range of ability, but, as a college preparatory school, we challenge and encourage all of our students to prepare them for a college-level curriculum. We have three academic tracks in all four core subject areas, allowing our students to challenge themselves individually in one or more academic areas to the extent of their ability.
  • College Prep

    Our standard coursework prepares students for acceptance into a four-year college or university.
  • Honors/Accelerated

    We offer roughly 25 Honors or Accelerated courses in grades 6–12 at HCA. These courses will require additional reading, participation in class, critical thinking, assessment, and homework. The level of work is much more challenging than a CP course, and is intended to prepare students for acceptance into more rigorous colleges and universities. These courses receive a 0.5 bump in the HCA grade-point-average in recognition of the challenge they present.
  • Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment

    HCA offers 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses across five subject areas, each of which presents the strongest academic challenge in high school. Students are accepted based on teacher recommendation and standardized test scores, since these are college-level classes with a national test. AP exams are administered at the end of the school year, and all students registered for an AP course must take the AP exam. We also offer eight dual-enrollment or dual-credit courses on campus, taught by HCA faculty. These courses receive both high school and college credit and feature coursework that has been provided by or approved by the partnering college. These college credits are transferable between colleges, but should be discussed with our college counselor. We also offer an additional eight dual-enrollment classes that are offered online.
We recognize the importance of challenging our students academically, but we also believe in the importance of having a well-rounded high school experience that prepares our students for a well-balanced life. Our Academic Counseling Department is available for discussion of the best fit for each of our students, and works painstakingly to meet the needs of each of our families.

Academic Advising

Mr. Harry Robertson

Academic Advisor, for more information on preparing for college and beyond.

Faculty Directory

Student/Parent Handbook

The HCA Upper School Student/Parent Handbook is available to all students and their families, and it is their responsibility to be familiar with its contents. The primary purpose of the Handbook is to provide information related to all aspects of student life, as well as policies and regulations applicable to HCA students and their families. Ignorance of a policy or regulation will not be considered an excuse for failure to observe it. HCA reserves the right to alter the policies and regulations stated in the Upper School Student/Parent Handbook, and every effort will be made to keep students and parents advised of changes