The Academies at Hebron Christian

Hebron Christian is excited to announce the formation of four specific Academies that will provide students with opportunities for rigorous academic pursuit in addition to valuable extracurricular experience. We believe these programs will allow HCA to highlight existing strengths, provide key areas of emphasis for our high school, and challenge us to become increasingly exceptional in some new areas.

The Academy of Fine Arts

Fine Arts has always been a strength at HCA, but the establishment of the Academy of Fine Arts will allow us to further highlight the artistic abilities and success of our students. Majors will be available in the areas of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Film & Media. We will utilize our strong core of existing coursework and extracurricular opportunities with the addition of exciting new electives and community interaction to serve this Academy.

The Academy of Leadership

Leadership will specifically focus on the areas of Business/Entrepreneurship, Ministry, and Education. A key highlight of the Academy of Leadership will be internship programs through our connections in each of these areas to provide students with real-life experience to help explore the calling God has on their life.

The Academy of Science & Innovation

This Academy will feature a strong emphasis in the areas of engineering and technology as we seek to incorporate the STEM philosophy into our learning process. The Academy of Science and Innovation will feature majors in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, and Health Sciences to provide resources for our students interested in the pursuit of careers in these areas. We will significantly expand our course offerings and outside connections to provide students with academic and experiential learning.

The Academy of Classical Studies

HCA currently provides a strong, liberal arts education with our existing course of study, but the Academy of Classical Studies will allow students to pursue a deeper experience in the areas of Language, Literature, and Law. The essence of Classical Studies is that students are educated to become free-minded, free-thinking, and free-acting individuals who ultimately find their freedom through Christ.

Students who meet certain criteria for coursework and experience will have the ability to earn a minor, a major, or a major with distinction within the Academy that will be recognized at graduation.
HCA provides a Christ-centered learning community that challenges students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.
Providing a Christ-centered learning community that challenges all students to realize their greatest potential for transforming their world and impacting their culture.