Student Services

Academic Support Plans

Hebron Christian Academy does accept Georgia Special Needs school funding (SB10). These funds are applied to meet accommodation costs. Any remaining funds will be applied to student tuition expenses.

If academic accommodations are provided, the following fees will apply in addition to regular tuition:

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Academic Support Plans

The purpose of the HCA Academic Support Plan is to provide a detailed description of a student's challenges, and a strategic plan of interventions that teachers can utilize within the classroom to best meet student needs and help them achieve academic success. The process of obtaining an Academic Support Plan is as follows:

  • Student must have a psychological evaluation by a credentialed provider, including an IEP (if applicable), within the last three years.
  • Documents must be submitted to the Admissions office for review, prior to submitting the application for admission.
  • If we can meet the academic support needs of your student, a Student Services team member will contact you regarding which services are available.

Jill Stephens, Student Accommodations Coordinator

Jill Stephens is our Student Accommodations Coordinator, servicing support plans for our students with qualified learning difficulties. She works closely with our parents, students, and teachers in the creation and maintenance of our academic support plans, and she ensures that they are administered in a way that effectively meets the students' needs within the classroom. She also oversees our peer tutoring program, which is designed to help our students achieve greater academic success by receiving help from fellow classmates. Ms. Stephens received her B.S in Business Management with a minor in Spanish from Berry College. While in college, she also worked with students with dyslexia and ADHD. She is a Hebron parent to three boys, ages eleven to nineteen.
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