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Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy

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Student Services


Student Services at Hebron Christian Academy believes that all students are uniquely different and have the right to a safe, supportive school environment in which they feel valued, respected, and understood.

Our programs are designed to enrich their academic experience as well as to emphasize positive character development. Through a partnership with teachers, administrators, and parents, we strive to achieve overall excellence that will enable our students to succeed and become exemplary leaders.




School Counseling

As school counselors at Hebron Christian Academy, we believe in utilizing a holistic approach when working with students that addresses their needs academically, personally, socially, and spiritually to maximize their potential for growth through our developmentally-driven, comprehensive counseling program.

Our program emphasizes the importance of positive character development and maintaining a healthy school climate in which every student feels safe and supported.




health services

Services We Offer

  • The nurse works with students, families, and school staff to ensure that all children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.
  • The nurse makes sure that students are compliant and up-to-date with immunizations, and have required individual health plans (IHPs) in place. She also ensures that school staff are trained on the essential individual needs of students with chronic health conditions.
  • The nurse provides and supports a positive safe school climate, provides direct nursing care, and administers medication to students as needed.




The student health services department is committed to assuring a safe and healthy environment for all our students.

We currently have a dedicated registered nurse on staff that is an expert in working with kids of all ages.

Meet the Nurse

Michelle Newell, RN BSN

Michelle Newell grew up in rural Michigan and attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida, where she received her BSN. After several cross-country moves and spending time at home with her young children, she and Mr. Newell settled in Georgia, where she later went on to gain licensure in the state of Georgia. Nurse Newell has extensive experience in various areas of healthcare, staff development, and educational services. She has a passion for working with students and a heart for medical missions. She enjoys hiking, camping, knitting, and hanging out with Mr. Newell and her four kids.

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Michelle Newell

School Nurse