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J-term overview

J-Term is a two-week abbreviated semester in January where students have the opportunity to participate in exploratory and experiential learning opportunities. These opportunities are available to students through J-Term courses, internships, and travel opportunities. J-Term provides a scope for students to explore new areas of study, experience new places and skills, and serve their school and community. We hope students develop a deeper and more meaningful sense of community between their teachers and peers all while discovering how they can use their God-given gifts and talents after high school. J-Term challenges students to explore both traditional and non-traditional areas of study to further our school mission of equipping minds, transforming hearts, and impacting culture. 

Explore and Learn! 

Our goal with J-Term is to give our students opportunities to be challenged academically, professionally, and experimentally.

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J-Term courses provide students with opportunities to experience new passions and areas of studies. These courses are designed to be academic, professional, or exploratory in nature. Each year, our staff and members of the community cover a wide range of subjects and areas of interest where students are provided with the opportunity to see how they can use their God-given talents in their lives.


Our goal in J-Term is to provide students with travel opportunities focused on education, exploration and ministry. These opportunities could be local, domestic, or international, and would be coordinated by the faculty sponsor overseeing the trip.



All students are required to complete an internship during either their Junior or Senior J-Term. The internship allows students the opportunity to experience a professional work environment in an area they are interested in pursuing as a career. The internship process provides connections for the students that could lead to future internships or career opportunities.

real-world experiences


Reel it in! 

Bass Fishing alone is more than a $16 billion industry. In our J-Term course, students learn the business side of the fishing industry, while also spending an ample amount of time on nearby lakes learning fishing techniques.

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Leadership Values 

Nicholas shares the impact his J-Term course had on his future as an entrepreneur and his plans to take a business idea to make an impact across the globe.

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Getting Closer to God 

Grant talks through his Christian Leadership J-Term and how he drew closer to God by hearing men and women share their experience of faith in the workplace.

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Closing the Deal 

Landen opens up about his J-Term internship with the Shawn Buchan Realty Group and how his experience landed him a job and is guiding his potential career path.

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"Our goal with J-Term is to provide students the opportunity to discover two things: the gifts God has given them and their areas of passion. J-Term allows time and space for students to explore these two areas and discover a career or interest where those two things intersect."

Alex Reid
Middle School Assistant Principal & J-Term Director