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Fighting for Faith in the Supreme Court (Ep. 1 with David Cortman)

David Beall
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Episode Details

In episode No. 1 on the Joy of Leadership Podcast, Dr. James Taylor sits down with David Cortman, who serves as senior counsel and vice president of U.S. litigation with Alliance Defending Freedom. He has practiced law for over 25 years, and currently supervises attorneys and legal staff who specialize in constitutional law, focusing on religious freedom, free speech, and sanctity of life.

Episode Breakdown
  • (1:30) Personal background and journey
  • (7:05) Career change / Law School
  • (11:30) Mentoring the next generation
  • (14:35) US Supreme Court ruling on Maine’s ban of using public funds at religious schools
  • (16:35) Future impact in ruling of Maine’s case for the Establishment Clause
  • (21:05) Separation of Church and State
  • (24:30) Supreme Court ruling’s impact on Georgia GOAL
  • (29:58) Freedom of religion for every faith
  • (32:30) Social and political division in the United States
  • (35:58) Cortman argues and wins religious liberties case in front of US Supreme Court
  • (41:00) Importance of standing up for religious liberties in today’s culture


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