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Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Christian Academy

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Welcome to HCA


Welcome to Hebron Christian Academy


Please take a moment to explore our website! Here you will get a glimpse of what makes Hebron Christian Academy such an amazing academic home for your family. As you learn more about our cutting-edge academics, one-to-one technology for K4 through 12th grade, and rich course catalog of offerings taught by extraordinary teachers, you will sense that this legacy of excellence has been carefully crafted by men and women who are passionate about a truly Christian education.

We say it often at HCAโ€”this is not merely our vocationโ€ฆthis is our calling! Our goal for your son or daughter is to find their calling as well. We design our academic offerings for students to excel in their studies, to be supported and encouraged by caring teachers who share the same values, and for your child to pursue their academic and career goals with a distinct and thoughtful personal faith. It is through this careful preparation, year after year, that allows our talented graduates to head out into the world with the confidence to thrive with the spiritual conviction to make a difference in our world.

From the moment you walk onto campus, you will sense a loving and inviting culture that is distinctly different. We would love for you to come for a visit so that you can experience the HCA difference in person. That feeling goes beyond the beautiful campus with miles of running trails. It is deeper than the creative spirit that you will see in our fine arts department. It is far more than the competitive edge you will recognize as you walk our playing fields, where our teams play hard, play fair, and play to win. You will be struck above all by the warmth of the people.

At the heart of this great school is the belief that our students dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further when they feel the embrace of supportive peers and the mentorship of caring adults who know when and how to challenge them. Something very special takes place when our academic team becomes an extension of your home, with shared values, shared goals, and an eternal purpose.

So let us welcome you to our campus to experience the warmth and strength of our community firsthand. That feeling is real โ€” that is Hebron Christian Academy!

- Dr. James E. Taylor, Head of School


"I want people to marvel at the education their children are receiving at HCA and all the while challenging them with who they are in Christ. The educational output of what our school is accomplishing is phenomenal, but ultimately that excellence is still aimed at the Gospel, and the Gospel will still guide our excellence.”Dr. james e. taylor, head of school