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Coffee with the Counselor


Where: Media Center (Bldg. F)
When: Friday, September 8, 8:00-9:00 a.m.
With: Kierra Culpeper & Di Brown
What: A time for parents to stop by and meet with our School Counselors,  and learn more about what programs, support, and services we have to offer  our students and their families.

HCA Mission Opportunities
August 17, 2017, by Kelly McGee, HCA Missions Board Chair

I am excited to tell you about a new emphasis Hebron Christian Academy is placing on being the hands and feet of Jesus! Last winter, Dr. Pritchard envisioned an HCA Missions Board. Our objective was to review what was currently being done and create a comprehensive plan that would include all HCA students. After forming a board and gathering info, we wanted to identify missions’ projects that any student and their family members could be involved in. We also wanted to create missions’ resources for families and staff to use for individual or club participation. Finally, we wanted to create a web presence with online information that is available to everyone. This digital information is currently being built and will appear soon under the Student Life tab at

I am pleased to announce that we have chosen two school-wide service projects that we will host and that everyone is invited to participate in. Feed My Starving Children will be an organization that we collect coins for throughout the fall and winter, culminating in a food pack every student will be invited to participate in March 8-11, 2018 at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds. Operation Christmas Child is our second school-wide focus. Clubs, classes and families will be encouraged to pack shoeboxes for collection at HCA in November. Students 13 and over will be given the opportunity to go to the Operation Christmas Child warehouse to pack master boxes to ship abroad.

In addition to these 2 worthy organizations, clubs and their sponsors, student government groups and lower school teachers will be asked to choose from a list of additional organizations we have vetted or find their own worthy causes to open for school-wide service opportunities. It is our hope that our school will offer one school wide opportunity each month for any student to earn CIA/ honors club hours. More importantly, we hope that these opportunities will foster a desire by our students to make serving Christ a lifestyle, not just a project.

More details will be coming soon. Thanks for your interest and support!

August 17, 2017, by Tracey Pritchard, Ed.D, Head of School

We have assigned all Eclipse glasses on a first come first serve basis on received permission slips. If you have an upper school student (6-12) we have returned your student’s permission slip (to your student) if we are NOT supplying him/her glasses.  Elementary school is all settled and no permission slips have been returned at this time.

All 7th period teachers (Upper School) and homeroom teachers (Lower School) will have each student’s permission slip and glasses to distribute to students right before going outside for the Eclipse. We are not promising that there will be no mix-ups on Monday even with our well organized plan. Therefore, we will also be providing opportunities for students to view the Eclipse inside.  If you are ‘bent’ on a specific way for your child to view the Eclipse (i.e. I want him/her outside) you are more than welcome to keep your kiddos home on 8/21 for the Eclipse or check them out at lunch with no penalty to avoid any disappointment.  We will not allow any student to leave the building to view the Eclipse if we do not have glasses or a permission slip for them. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to text messages, emails, or phone calls on the day of the event troubleshooting permission slip issues or misunderstandings! Again, if you have a strong feeling about HOW your child(ren) is viewing the Eclipse please make plans to keep him/her home.

Upper School students not going outside will report to the cafetorium to watch the Eclipse on live stream.  Lower School students remaining inside will participate in the live streaming of the event in assigned classrooms at the elementary campus.

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