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September 14, 2017, by Rebecca Reinhardt, Director of Admissions and Marketing

The Village of Hope is a mission project supported by Hebron Christian Academy (HCA) to help the children in a small village called Gbata, in Liberia.  Liberia was involved in a 14-year civil war from 1989 to 2003 resulting in huge losses in terms of human lives, resources, capital investments, and infrastructural developments.  Half of the nation’s population is still displaced, 80% of Liberians are unemployed, and 30-50,000 of the children are orphans in need of education. The Village of Hope Project has three components: a school for the children, a church for the village, and a clinic.

Hebron Christian Academy has focused on the school project with the help of a generous donor from Bethlehem First United Methodist Church.   Before the war there were 2,300 schools.  80% have been destroyed. 

HCA continues to raise money to construct 3 more classrooms so that students may receive a high school diploma.  HCA raises money thru the Mr. Hebron Pageant (February 23, 2018) and Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11, 2018) to pay for construction of the classrooms and shipping of school supplies to the children.

A very special thank you to all the Hebron Families who have brought in school supplies, made donations, and generally loved on the children of this village.  This month, 3 new classrooms have been completed and students will be able to attend school thru the ninth grade. See pictures below!  *Once the last three classrooms are built, Hebron will continue to ship school supplies to the children, and hopefully begin to support the clinic.

Village of Hope is a non-profit 501c3.

Before new classrooms were constructed:


After new classrooms were constructed:


Focus on the line above the date on the corner stone in the picture below:

Hebron Christian Academy - Understanding How We See Things
By Tracey Pritchard, Head of School


The city of Dacula provides many great opportunities for K-12 schooling, however, we believe Hebron Christian Academy to be one of Dacula’s best kept secrets.

Hebron Christian Academy is a college preparatory, K-12 Christian school, serving 900+ students with award-winning academic, fine art and athletic programs. Hebron families and students enjoy 69+ acres in the heart of Dacula, GA just northeast of Atlanta. Our central goal is to equip minds, transform hearts, and prepare students to positively impact their culture.

as-we-see-it-03Preparing students academically for his/her future is the best gift we can give any student. Hebron Christian Academy is not dependent on the outcomes of high stake testing, and we encourage innovative teaching with varied activity in a small classroom setting. We strive for excellence in preparing students for college and meeting the needs of all our students academically. We are blessed with a vibrant and qualified faculty that is dedicated to help develop life-long learners that are uniquely prepared to serve as Christian leaders. As we see it...each student is created with unique gifts and talents and Christian education should be available for students at all learning levels. "Fair" is not that every student receives the same education, but that every student is given the opportunity to learn.

Hebron is distinctly and unapologetically "Christian". This does not mean, however, that all our students are perfect. In fact, our students have the same struggles that all other students have regardless of the school they attend. What makes Hebron unique is that we offer a Student Support Services team to partner with like-minded parents allowing us the privilege of framing responses to student struggles through the lens of Scripture and a Christian worldview. As we see it... educators should afford students the opportunity to discover and embrace God’s ultimate purpose for their lives while ministering to the whole child. Providing a Christian education allows us to truly develop their potential to the end that their lives will glorify God.

Understanding that learning and growth occurs in a variety of formats and environments, we offer engaging activities for our student body. We desire to advance student development and leadership capacity in the pursuit of their passions. Hebron offers a full range of extracurricular activities including an excellent fine arts program, a music conservatory, 54 different competitive athletic teams, summer camps and student activities such as Debate Club, Beta Club, Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society and Student Government. As we see it...students should become men and women of integrity while being provided an opportunity to glorify God through the development of Christ-like character in academics, the arts, sportsmanship, self-discipline, humility and athletic ability.

Guided by our core values of excellence, faith, service, community and student engagement, we are fiercely and passionately committed to Christian education and understand its critical role in our community. I encourage you to call or visit in person to experience first-hand all that is happening at HCA!


HCA Teacher Spotlight: Christian Smith


When I was nine years old, my dad felt it was time for a change and thought it would be best for me to attend Hebron. Being someone who does not do well with change, I was very hesitant and scared. Little did I know, this change would open new doors for me for years to come. I remember getting into our car after the first day of school, smiling and telling my mom how much I loved it. Now, the transition was not all easy, but I had amazing teachers who walked by my side the whole way. They were willing to talk me through things one on one and show just how much they cared. They were a beautiful representation of the Lord’s love for me.

Throughout middle and high school, Hebron allowed me to build strong foundations socially, academically, and spiritually. In middle school, I developed a close-knit group of friends who are still my best friends to this day. I grew academically as teachers challenged me, stretching and pushing me to accomplish more than I thought I could. They were always there to guide, tutor, or cheer me on. Most importantly, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that while they cared greatly about my academic success, they cared so much more about my relationship with the Lord. God used these teachers, chapels, and Bible classes to reinforce the spiritual foundation in my life that my parents had begun at home. I graduated from Hebron in 2011 academically prepared for the rigor of college, but most importantly, secure in the knowledge of Jesus’ sacrificial love for me as the foundation of my life.

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 very unclear about what the next step in my life would be. In February of 2016, I began substitute teaching at Hebron. About a week before I started substituting, a long-term substitute position opened up. The position was available and the administration asked me if I wanted to take it. I agreed and finished out the rest of the school year. The timing was no doubt orchestrated by the hand of God, and I knew Hebron was where I belonged.

By the end of May 2016, I was offered a job to teach 7th grade World Studies and Bible. I am sitting here, having just completed my first full year of teaching, and I am overwhelmed by the Lord’s kindness, faithfulness, and wisdom. I have never felt more fulfilled. Throughout my life, God has been purposely equipping me to be able to minister to kids with stories similar to mine. He has made me realize a dream that I honestly didn’t even know I had: ministering to students at Hebron the way I was ministered to for so many years. It is my heart’s desire to help drive young people from just a “head knowledge” of who the Lord is, to a “heart knowledge” of who He is to each of them. I often tell my students that I have literally sat where they are sitting, and I feel that it gives me a rapport with them that I could not have gained any other way. Above and beyond that, He has given me the opportunity to bring dance classes to Hebron next year, which is something I have wanted to see happen since I was in school here.

My testimony displays the Lord’s faithfulness and provision for me. I’m so thankful that He chose to use Hebron Christian Academy as an integral part of His work in and through my life.

Hebron Christian Academy to complete a $10m expansion project
May 19, 2017, For immediate release

Hebron Christian Academy (HCA) announced plans today to build a state-of-the-art Elementary School facility complete with a regulation size gym, music conservatory with private music rooms for individual instruction and state of the art classrooms. This building will represent the largest construction project in the history of HCA!

The 60,000-square foot facility, opening in the Fall of 2018 is designed for 21st century learning. Every classroom will be equipped with interactive white board technology in addition to high-tech science labs, fine arts studios, a 1,950 square foot media center, and staff offices.

"This groundbreaking represents an exciting time at HCA! The elementary building will serve to unify the HCA community as K-12th grades will now be on one campus," said Dr. Tracey Pritchard, Head of School. "We believe our purpose as a Christian school is to give our students the best tools and Christ-centered education possible to position them to serve as Christian leaders."

Founded in 1999, Hebron Christian Academy is currently located on two beautiful 69+ acre campuses northeast of Atlanta. This new Elementary School facility is the final phase of a multi-phase, $10M plan to combine HCA’s two campuses into one campus at the 775 Dacula Road location. The new Middle School and Fine Arts Center will open August 2017.

The Elementary School groundbreaking ceremony is planned after the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Hebron Christian Academy is a college preparatory, K-12 Christian school, serving 900+ students with award-winning academic, fine art and athletic programs.

Congratulations Hebron Christian Academy’s Class of 2017
Over $5 Million in Scholarships


HCA’s 98 Seniors were offered over $5 million dollars in scholarship money including 12 in collegiate athletic scholarships, 79 Zell Miller and Hope Scholarships, and 1 scholarship from the Georgia Figure Skating Club. These graduates will be going into the military and attending 36 different colleges across the US.

Hebron Christian to offer distinction diploma in fine arts
May 23, 2017 from Gwinnett Daily Post


Hebron Christian Academy recently announced that it would expand its high school fine arts offerings. The Dacula private school said it would offer a high school diploma with a distinction in fine arts. This program will be offered to all high school students interested in pursuing a college major in visual or performing arts.

Hebron Christian Academy recently announced that it would expand its high school fine arts offerings.

The Dacula private school said it would offer a high school diploma with a distinction in fine arts. This program will be offered to all high school students interested in pursuing a college major in visual or performing arts.

Hebron's overall fine arts program is expanding to include advanced classes in theater, dance, music theory, photography, cinematography, film, screenwriting and directing.

Hebron already offers several choral ensembles, drama, marching band, as well as visual art courses which include graphic design, ceramics and 3-D art courses.

"Our goal in the fine arts department is to encourage artistic creativity and skill in our students, and to help them understand how they can use their girts for the greater glory of God," Chris Castner, fine arts department head, said in a press release.

The arts expansion is part of a $10 million multi-phase building program that will eventually add a new middle school, fine arts center and elementary school in the next two years. The need for the new 28,000 square foot facility, officials said, is because the existing buildings need to be updated or replaced.

The middle school building is scheduled to open this fall, while the elementary building is slated for 2018.

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