Hebron Christian Academy - Ignition




One way that this is seen at our school is the Ignition conference that kicks off each school year. The first three days of each year the students return to an environment that brings excitement, worship, team building, and the Word of God in a way that starts the year off with a bang. Ignition, however, is like no other conference as it is put on completely by the students. The student leadership teams work tirelessly beginning in January to prepare for what has become something all students look forward to during the summer months. Unlike any other opening school week, HCA students are led by their peers, making for one of the most powerful experiences possible. Each year, the theme for the conference is developed months in advance by the Senior Prefects and is geared toward meeting the student body where they are ensuring its relevancy is spot on. Below is a glance at Ignition 2015, “Purpose in the Pain”.


2015 HCA Ignition - Day 1

Video produced by alumnus Alex Gonzalez

2015 HCA Ignition - Day 2

Video produced by alumnus Alex Gonzalez

2014 HCA Ignition - Day 1

2014 HCA Ignition - Day 2