Hebron Christian Academy - Spiritual Life Overview

More so than any aspect of our school, we are most excited and passionate about the possibility for authentic discipleship. Our partnership with families in raising the next generation holds eternal value. Everything done here at HCA is viewed as an opportunity to pour into the student body in a way that points them towards Jesus. Our goal is to graduate well-prepared young men and women who will be equipped to stand firm in their faith amongst the many challenges they will face in the years that follow their tenure at this institution. Through weekly chapels, the student outreach program, local and international missions, and the one-on-one touch each student gets from the faculty and staff, this goal is realized year after year.


“I am who I am today because of the investment the faculty had in me while I was a student at HCA. Students need to be able to see that teachers love them, care for them, and are there for them for whatever they may need. HCA has teachers that do just that and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”
- Jacob Magnuson, Class of 2014, Belmont University


“For 13 years of my life, Hebron taught me to follow the Lord day after day. I am certain that there is no better foundation I could have received than the one HCA offered me. I am eternally grateful.”
        - Brooke Davis, Class of 2015, University of Georgia