Fine Arts - Lower School Music


Music Teacher: Ruth Mullen

Elementary MusicThe heart of the elementary music program at Hebron Christian Academy is ultimately geared toward creating a love of worship through music, while helping students to build self-confidence and performance skills.

The talents and gifts displayed by our students are a testimony of God’s emphasis to music as part of every individual’s life. From our youngest to oldest, music is not only a vital part of worship, but also an expression of personal enjoyment. Throughout the year, our students will learn, discover, experience, and perform to understand history, cultures, and styles through listening, singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

Elementary MusicOur K-5th performances each year include Veteran’s Day Chapel, Christmas Concert, and Grandparent’s Day.

A full-production Spring Musical for 2nd-5th graders is a highlight for HCA families. Students learn how music affects the mood, plot, and emotions of a story. Staging and choreography enhances the overall experience of performance.