Tuition and Fees


We understand it is a sacrifice to send your students to a Private Christian School. Because of this, we try to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible, and we offer several payment plans. All tuition payment plans begin in June. Tuition is computed on an annual basis and is prorated per week for a student enrolling after the school year has begun. Please see your financial agreement for payment plan due dates.

New Student/International Student Application Fee
The non-refundable Application Fee for each application is $150.00.


New Student Enrollment Fee
The enrollment fee of $550.00 will be rolled into the tuition payment plan you select.


Current Student/International Student Re-Enrollment Fee
For current families that re-enroll between February 5th and March 31st, the re-enrollment fee of $550.00 will be rolled into your next year’s tuition payment plan. If you re-enroll your student on or after April 1st, your re-enrollment fee will be due at the time you submit the re-enrollment contract.


  Tuition Total 1 Payment
(Due June)
3 Payments
(Due June,
Sept., & Dec.)
4 Payments
(Due June, Sept.,
Dec., & March)
10 Payments
(Due June - March)
Kindergarten $9,450.00 $8,505.00 $2,992.50 $2,315.25 $945.00
1st - 5th $9,975.00 $8,977.50 $3,158.75 $2,443.75 $997.50
6th - 8th $11,025.00 $9,922.50 $3,491.25 $2,701.00 $1,102.50
9th - 12th


$10,395.00 $3,657.50 $2,829.75 $1,155.00
International Student $17,700.00 $17,700.00 n/a n/a n/a

Tablet Technology Fee
HCA’s tablet choice for 8th – 12th grades is the Microsoft Surface Pro. A technology fee of $250 must be paid by each student. The first payment of $125.00 is billed on July 20th and must be paid before the tablet is issued. The second payment of $125.00 will be billed on October 20th.


Each student is responsible for his or her own tablet. If a replacement or repair is necessary, it will be provided/purchased at the current market price. The parent/guardian will be responsible for all repairs.