Admissions - 2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

New Student/International Student Application Fee
The non-refundable Application Fee for each application (Kindergarten excluded) is $150.00.


Tuition Payment Plan Options
All tuition payment plans begin in June. Tuition is computed on an annual basis and is prorated per day for a student enrolling after the school year has begun. Please see your FACTS agreement for payment plan due dates.


  Tuition Total 1 Payment
(Due June)
3 Payments
(Due June, Sept. & Dec.)
10 Payments
(Due June - March)
Kindergarten $9,450.00 $8,505.00 $2,992.50 $945.00
1st - 5th $9,975.00 $8,977.50 $3,158.75 $997.50
6th - 8th $11,025.00 $9,922.50 $3,491.25 $1,102.50
9th - 12th


$10,395.00 $3,657.50 $1,155.00
International Student $17,700.00 $17,700.00 n/a n/a

Commitment Deposit


Current Student/International Student Re-Enrollment
The Commitment Deposit (non-refundable) is due when the re-enrollment packet is signed and submitted. When paid, the Commitment Deposit completes the re-enrollment process. Please note that the Commitment Deposit does not apply to the remaining tuition balance liability.

New Student/International Student Enrollment
The Commitment Deposit (non-refundable) is due at the time the enrollment packet is submitted. Please note that the Commitment Deposit does not apply to the remaining tuition balance liability.


Commitment Deposit Kindergarten Grades 1-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
New Student Enrollment $0 $450 $550 $550
Current Student Early Re-enrollment
(Feb 1 - Feb 28)
$450 $450 $550 $550
Current Student Re-enrollment
(March 1 - April 30)
$525 $525 $625 $625
Current Student Late Re-enrollment
(After May 1)
$600 $600 $700 $700


FACTS Information
HCA’s tuition payments are managed by FACTS Tuition Management. As an added benefit to HCA’s families, HCA has chosen to pay the FACTS Enrollment Fee for its families. Please see your FACTS agreement for any questions regarding returned check fees, convenience fees, insurance, late fees and penalties, etc.

Past Due Accounts
All tuition and incidental fees, as set by HCA, must be paid on a timely basis. If an account is not kept current, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. Any balance remaining unpaid after the due date shall incur a late fee of $25.00 per month.
  2. Payment/receipt of tuition payments supersedes all form of student participation opportunities. Therefore, if any student financial obligations are delinquent (i.e., not later than the date to enact late fees), no payments to enroll/participate in any school-related activity (e.g., athletics, class trips, camps, etc.) will be accepted and, thus, enrollment/participation will be denied until financial obligations are brought current.
  3. RenWeb access will be denied when any account becomes 31 days delinquent. Access will be reinstated whenever the account is brought current.
  4. HCA understands that once an account becomes 60 days delinquent, the family has made a voluntary decision to withdraw the student from classes. After such an action, if the parent/student desires to continue their education at HCA, Commitment Deposit rules and waiting pool criteria that apply to new enrollees will apply to those who are withdrawn and then seek subsequent re-entry.
  5. No student will be eligible for re-enrollment until all tuition and incidental fees are current.
  6. No student (Kindergarten through High School) will participate in graduation exercises until all accounts are current.
  7. Report cards and transcripts will not be released to the parent or other educational institutions until the account is brought current.
  8. A family that chooses the One or Three Pay plan must make payments by the required due dates or the discount will be forfeited. When forfeiture occurs, the plan will be converted immediately to the Ten Payment plan, and the parent/guardian will be assessed a billing change fee of $25.00.
  9. Past due accounts will be turned over to a collection agency. All fees associated with the collection efforts will be the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. If a family is not in good standing as of May 1st, the family has made a voluntary decision to withdraw the student from classes. Subsequently, the Commitment Deposit Fee, late fees, and waiting pool criteria will apply.
  10. Any exceptions or modifications to this policy may only be made by the Head of School or the Chief Financial Officer.

Tablet Technology Fee
HCA’s tablet choice for 8th – 12th grades is the Microsoft Surface Pro. A technology fee of $250 must be paid by each student. First payment of $125.00 is billed on July 1st and must be paid before the tablet is issued. The second payment of $125.00 will be billed on October 1st.


Each student is responsible for his or her own tablet. If a replacement or repair is necessary, it will be provided/purchased at the current market price. The parent/guardian will be responsible for any and all repairs and they will be billed through FACTS.


Actual & Anticipated Expenses