Admissions - Financial Assistance Policy and Process

Hebron Christian Academy has an unwavering commitment to enroll as many fully-eligible students as our facilities and program opportunities allow.

This commitment acknowledges that many families desiring an HCA education simply do not currently have adequate funds to afford the established tuition obligations. Whenever possible, HCA has initiated tuition assistance opportunities and programs to assist families with such special financial needs. Those opportunities/programs are detailed in the following four (4) tuition assistance categories. This financial assistance to families includes Budgeted Tuition Assistance Funds, Annual Fund Tuition Assistance Funds, Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) Funds, and Designations without Income Tax Deductibility. These tuition assistance opportunities are summarizes as follows:


  1. Budgeted Tuition Assistance Funds
    A decision is made annually to include a special monetary amount of tuition assistance dollars as a part of the normal HCA budget. This amount, of course, is limited and its availability is totally dependent on the school’s enrollment (income) and personnel/programs and other obligations (expenses) with financial ramifications.

  2. Annual Fund Tuition Assistance Funds
    Special monies are available for tuition assistance when generous contributors to the school’s Annual Fund designate their contributions to “Tuition Assistance.” Please note that all such contributions may not be designated to any individual or family. These funds simply allow HCA to offer additional financial assistance to those families who need such assistance. All such general (i.e. non-designated to an individual student) contributions are tax-deductible. As in the case of all other forms of financial assistance, those decisions will be made by the school’s Financial Assistance Committee.

  3. SSO Funds
    HCA has an exclusive agreement with Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc. It should be clearly understood that no SSO donations may be designated to an individual family or student by any donor. Disbursement of SSO funds will be need-based in keeping with the philosophy and mission of both HCA and Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. Information related to participation/allocation requirements may be obtained on the HCA website or the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program website. Hebron Families may choose to partner with other Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO’s), however to receive funds from other SSO’s families must apply for financial assistance with FACTS Grant & Aid and show a demonstrated financial need. If families choose to partner with another scholarship program they will not qualify for any Budgeted Tuition Assistance Funds, Annual Fund Tuition Assistance Funds, or Georgia GOAL Scholarship Funds.

Allocations from the three categories above will not exceed fifty percent of the FACTS-calculated need amount.

A Financial Assistance Committee comprised of the Head of School, Business Manager, A/P Coordinator, one school-level Principal, and the Admissions Coordinator, will make all determinations relative to granting financial assistance for students. All tuition assistance recommendations will be based on the data from the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment tool. Only those parents who complete and submit the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will be eligible to receive tuition assistance funds from any of the above categories. New students, like returning students, are eligible to apply during their first year of attendance. However, it should be noted that priority of awarding tuition assistance will be given to returning students.

  1. Designations Without Income Tax Deductibility
    The only other form of financial assistance available at HCA is when a generous contributor designates a monetary amount toward a specific individual’s tuition obligation. This form of designation does not require/involve action by the Financial Assistance Committee. Whenever such monetary designations are made, the funds will be applied to the student’s account as per the wishes of the donor. It should be clearly understood that these are not tax-deductible donations, and, thus, no tax-deductible receipts will be issued.

Of the four major categories of tuition assistance, two categories (Budgeted Tuition Assistance Funds and Annual Fund Tuition Assistance Funds) relate solely to tuition charges. The other two categories (SSO Funds and Designations without Income Tax Deductibility) include financial assistance for both tuition expenses and various other school fees. Additionally, very specific policies and procedures related to all financial assistance allocations (e.g., timetables for application, eligibility based on current tuition payment record, etc.) will apply. Please access the HCA Website or consult Business Office personnel for specific details of these policies and procedures.

Whenever the Financial Assistance Committee makes an official allocation decision, the HCA Business Office will notify the families regarding the details of that decision. The allocation award must be accepted by the parent(s)/guardian(s) no later than five (5) business days from the date of the notification letter. If the written acceptance reply is not received by that date, the allocation award will be forfeited.