Admissions - Financial Assistance Application



All financial assistance awards will be based on a demonstrated financial need. To be considered for financial assistance, please see the requirements below:

  • New Students - A completed Admission Application must be submitted, including payment of the non-refundable Application Fee. Information from the Admission Application is required for a Financial Assistance Application to be reviewed.

  • Currently Enrolled Students - A completed Re-enrollment Contract must be submitted, including the non-refundable Commitment Deposit. The current school year’s tuition and incidental accounts must not have a delinquent status.

All financial assistance allocations will be based on the recommendations from FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment and funds available to HCA. Please see the Financial Assistance Policy and Process for further financial assistance information, including sources of HCA’s tuition assistance funding.

  • Application Availability – Financial Assistance Applications are available on December 1st.

  • Application Deadlines - All Completed Applications received by March 1st will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee in late March after the FACTS calculations/recommendations are received. Please note that all supporting documents (as indicated on the FACTS application) are required by March 1st for an application to be considered complete.

  • Award Notices –Award notices will be communicated to families via email in April before tuition payments begin in June. Financial awards will be applied directly to each FACTS Tuition Account once families electronically accept their award using the link provided in the email. The financial award must be accepted no later than five (5) business days from the date of notification. After five (5) business days, assistance awards will be forfeited.

  • Late Applications – Any unclaimed funds will be distributed for completed applications that qualify and have been received by April 1st. Funds will be awarded in May. Should funds still be available, this process will be repeated on the first of each consecutive month using the same schedule until all assistance funds are exhausted. Applicants are responsible to make all tuition payments in full until assistance awards are applied.

Submit your online application and supporting documents at:


FACTS Grant & Aid Online Application