High School - Bridge Program for Ninth Graders

One of the most significant benefits of attending Hebron Christian Academy is the opportunity for a student to receive his/her entire formal pre-collegiate education at HCA. To that end, it is our intention that a student’s transition from one grade level to the next is as seamless as possible. There are, however, transitions that are more crucial than others, and we believe the change from middle school to high school is one of them. The Hebron Christian Academy Bridge Program was specifically created to assist students and parents with the transition to ninth grade. Our goal is to partner with parents to facilitate a smooth transition by beginning the process early and providing parents/students with crucial information well in advance.

  • The program begins each spring with the Freshman Forum. This forum provides families an overview of the academic offerings in ninth grade. The academic counselor provides information regarding the high school track in each subject area, and parents are directed to a High School 101 packet available on the HCA website.

  • In the spring the academic counselor meets with eighth grade students and reviews the academic and college preparatory details of high school, including graduation requirements, the difference between honors, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment courses, and how their performance each year impacts their course options for the following year.

  • In April, a Preview Panel is held for eighth-grade students during an extended pizza luncheon. After enjoying a meal and time of fellowship together, eighth-grade students will hear from a panel of current high school students and be given the opportunity to ask questions about the high school experience.

  • In August, the Bridge Program continues with Freshman Orientation. This orientation provides students with pertinent information regarding the start of the school year and walks students through their daily schedule. This orientation also provides students the opportunity to meet each of their teachers and gather key information regarding each class prior to the first day of school.

  • The Bridge Program draws to a close in September, when the academic counselor meets with each freshman homeroom class. Students are again reminded how pivotal their high school academic achievement is to their success. In addition, the fall PSAT testing process is reviewed and members of the school student leadership team will walk through the transition to high school (from a student’s perspective) and be available to answer questions.

  • We trust this intentional partnership with our HCA families will provide rising freshmen with a smoother “bridge” to high school!

    Bridge Program
    “The LORD Himself goes before you and will be with you…” Deuteronomy 31:8