Hebron Christian Academy's Headmaster

Tim HillenAmerica is richly populated with good Christian schools. Not only are many of these schools good, but some are very good. Few Christian schools, however, can accurately be classified as “great.” At Hebron Christian Academy, we believe that achieving a level of greatness is a necessary and worthy pursuit; it is certainly a worthwhile endeavor for HCA to continue moving onward and upward for Christ, always motivated by the biblical challenge that to be excellent in all things is a goal to which all Christian individuals and organizations should aspire.

Therefore, HCA embraces the “Good to Great” theme. To do so, however, requires much more than written and verbal promises and platitudes. It requires a specific strategy and a formal action plan. This strategy and plan, our Strategic Plan 2013-2017 (Updated), is both specific and formal. Its goals are ambitious and measurable, shared and supported by the entire Hebron Christian Academy student and parent community. This plan is student-friendly, parent-friendly, employee-friendly, school-friendly, and Christ honoring! In other words, it is a comprehensive Christian school plan targeting the needs of all HCA constituencies.

Yes, good things, even great things are happening at Hebron Christian Academy! We invite you to visit our campus, solicit testimonials from others, and investigate our total school program. I believe you will find HCA to be a school that understandably has been the “school of choice” for literally hundreds of families in North East Atlanta.

I am honored to serve as the Headmaster of Hebron Christian Academy, and am doubly honored to serve alongside a capable, committed, and caring employee family. Indeed, this employee family joins our students and their parents by proudly proclaiming that “WE ARE HEBRON!”

In His service,

Timothy Hillen