Hebron Christian Academy - Emergency School Closings

In the event of inclement weather or any other emergency situation that dictates we close school, a very specific process is in place to notify administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents. The process is outlined as follows:

  1. The school closing procedure begins when the Head of School, after consulting with the Director of Facilities, makes the official decision to close school.
  2. The Director of Facilities will notify all of the selected media outlets. Those media outlets are as follows:
    • WSB TV (2)
    • FOX 5 TV (5)
    • WXIA TV (11)
  3. The Head of School will notify her assistant, who will notify all HCA employees and families with a school closing email and text message. Additionally, a recorded message announcing the school closure will be available by calling 770-963-9250.
  4. As a general rule, Hebron Christian Academy will be closed whenever Gwinnett County Schools are closed. Since there are times, however, when Hebron Christian Academy is closed and the Gwinnett County Schools are open, HCA families should regard Hebron Christian Academy closure notification as official.
  5. Any modifications to the above process will be made by the Head of School.